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Note: This post is inspired by WeWork and I received no incentives whatsoever through this post. 

Hello there! Today, I’ll be sharing about something that’s really quite close to my heart. It is where I do most of the work for the blog, have the best ideas (besides the shower :P), and spend most of my time at home. This post is inspired by the office workspaces I’ve come across at WeWork. They’re essentially a co-working company that offers these really super beautiful workspaces for individuals and companies, and in turn, creating a wonderful community of people that share the same space.


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The standard of aesthetic beauty of my workspace is not anywhere near them (you should go check out their website and you’ll drool over the pictures you see like I did) nor will my workspace every be pinned as an inspiration for others but sometimes, I feel like that’s the whole point! A workspace that works for me won’t necessarily be one that works for others and I do love my workspace the way it is because it helps me think and is just the right space for me to do everything I need.

My workspace has come a long way. I used to share a room with my younger sister and since I moved back from the US, my family decided that it would be better for me to occupy my dad’s study instead. I was super excited with the prospect of moving back into the room I once occupied (yes, it’s complicated. I’ve stayed in 3 of the 5 rooms in my house :P) when I was in secondary school. But since, the room has been renovated with this beautiful accent wall and wood finishes.

I absolutely love my workspace for so many reasons…my table is super large, it is right next to the bed so I sometimes just plop right over when I get lazy, right next to my table is this gorgeous white venetian blinds that allows the light to stream through, and most importantly, it houses so many of my favourite craft items and memorabilia.

my workspace_3

Right next to my desk, I have this huge storage space where I store my craft supplies and other incomplete projects. It’s quite empty right now but I sometimes have large wood pieces stowed inside or other materials needed for my craft projects. Being organized has always been quite a headache for me since I have so many small little items that I forget about so a while ago, I decided to reorganize most of my small stuff into those chevron boxes on the top shelf. I actually get these boxes when I purchase my kits/ crafting materials from Darby Smart and I love these boxes because they’re so pretty! They also mostly come in the same size and fits so perfectly and neatly in my shelves. I label the boxes with post-it notes and a note written with a Messy Pen (gosh, I never knew markers could make your handwriting look so nice :P maybe i’m just biased) and it has been so helpful in helping me keep my clutter away.

Just before Christmas, I also bought a metal caddy from Ikea. I absolutely love this color (it comes in teal and off-white) and it has been such a great investment. It even matches my Darby Smart boxes! For Christmas, my younger sister and I gathered all our Christmas gift wrap items on the top rack, included a tape dispenser and scissors and it was perfect for all sheer volume of gift wrapping we had to complete before Christmas. It was so awesome because we usually have to hide in each other’s rooms wrapping each other’s presents so having everything all consolidated on a caddy that we could roll around made sure that we didn’t lose items along the way.

Just to share a little more on the items on my workspace just in case you’re interested…(yes, I do love everything!)

my workspace 4

A. Caricature drawing Jon and I got during our trip to Universal Studios in 2011

B. A chalk and magnetic board we got from Crate and Barrel. They have these three slots for photos and I remember Jon and I used the Macbook’s photo booth function to take those photos. Those were taken back when we were in Seattle.

C. Sola flower diffuser Jon bought for me a few days ago as a get-well-soon present. It has this really nice floral scent and as the days go by, the flower absorbs the scent and color and becomes a really pretty pink flower

D. This is from a kit I bought at Darby Smart. The kit came with a foam board, an awl, alphabet stencilssilver metallic sharpie and christmas lights. It was a really fun and easy project and it looks really nice, especially when you light it up in a dark room!

E. My first ever wall art I purchased, from none other than A Beautiful Mess!

F. Yet another kit from Darby Smart that came with a wooden box and a wood burning tool. By the way, Jon did all those letters!

G. Above my table is this rectangular shelf and I love it because I can display some of my favorite things on there. Some of the items include a “W” that represents our college, University of Washington, a “Hollywood Best Couple” award we got ourselves in LA (super cheesy I know), a gold himmeli orb (the first himmeli piece I made), a pair of Dalecarlian horses given to us by our dear TAOs, J&J wooden alphabets I got from Typo (to be used for the wedding) and finally, a background wallpaper I made with paper and a calligraphy set I’d just got. It’s the lyrics of Need You Now by Lady Antebellum – decided to write that since that song always brings back such fond memories of the time Jon and I first got together.

H. diy polaroid frame

I. A lotion dispenser I made from a ball mason jar left over from my brother’s wedding.

J. A wood and gold wooden stand I made

K. Stamp inks I recently got from A Beautiful Mess! Have you seen their emoji stamps? Gosh, so cute!

L. diy pattern glass bottles

M. one of my first few pottery pieces

N. a basket I got from a second-hand store in bloomington and no, it’s not a longaberger.

O. some random paper, silhouette cutting mat and notebooks that is held up by a plate display rack.

P. my beloved silhouette cameo

Q. my beloved macbook pro

R. and finally, my beloved apple trackpad


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