the crack burger


I can’t stop laughing at the cover photo! Jon decided that it would be an awesome idea to take a photo with the theme “The Burger from Heaven”. So, after I assembled a burger, we went to the darkest spot in the garden, shined a torchlight on the burger and took the photo. As I edited the photo, it didn’t exhibit the “from Heaven” type of atmosphere and instead, Jon felt that it looked more like “a burger from a drug lord” type of atmosphere. Hence, we decided to name it “The Crack Burger” – LOL!


Back to the story. A couple of days ago, my brother and his girlfriend decided to grill burgers for dinner. They shared photos of the burgers they had done and that inspired me to make burgers for dinner today!

The burgers were absolutely awesome (although my sister said that my mom’s burger, which I’ve yet to try, is better). I was looking forward to doing the bread the most since I found this recipe from The Kitchn which looked really tempting. Despite giving the bread significantly less time to rest than directed, the bread was really great tasting and fluffy!



I came across The Kitchn earlier this week and have since become hooked to their site! Today, I tried 2 of their recipes and everything turned out great! Their instructions are very clear and pictures illustrate their points well. Here’s the recipe I used for the bun and for the beef patties!


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