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  • Life

    experiencing authentic vietnamese cuisine

    i can’t believe it’s been about a month since i came back from the U.S.! Time does really really fly… As my now brother-in-law’s, Donny, family is Vietnamese, the trip to Kansas…

  • Life

    Pierre Herme’s melody cake

    For birthdays within my family, it is somewhat unspoken that not only am I tasked (as always) to bake a delicious birthday cake, I am also usually expected to bake a cake…

  • Fudge

    Fudgey, you will be sorely missed.

    Sorry for being away for a long time. With Fudge’s passing, and with him being the heart of this blog, I’ve found it difficult to visit the blog, let alone to write…

  • Joy

    happy 3rd birthday, Joy!

    It’s Joy’s third birthday today! For her birthday, I decided to get her her favorite can food from Fancy Feast (this is not a Fancy Feast ad!) She really really loves Fancy…

  • Recipes

    sichuan hotpot recipe

    Jon and I love a really good sichuan hot pot and by that, I really mean a hot pot that is adequately spicy but not too spicy, doesn’t numb the tongue so…