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    mint truffles recipe

    The first time I made truffles was when I was in Seattle. I’ve always been a big fan of dark chocolates. I’m not a milk chocolate kind of person, and definitely not…

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    gâteau diane recipe

    To me, birthday cakes are an integral part to any birthday celebration. I am quite sticky about this, and maybe a tad too opinionated. I always feel that no matter how great…

  • Life

    happy 26th birthday to Jon!

    In my family, celebrating the day you’re born is really more like celebrating the week you’re born :P Due to busy work schedules, we usually find it hard to arrange an actual…

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    gianduja gelato recipe

    For the longest time, I had been struggling with my cuisinart ice cream machine. It worked well when I was in US but since I brought it home, it has been giving…