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    lemon meringue tart

    Just like last year’s, deciding this year’s birthday cake for my mom was such a tough decision. I spent two weeks thinking about what cake I should bake, consulted all the members…

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    gianduja gelato recipe

    For the longest time, I had been struggling with my cuisinart ice cream machine. It worked well when I was in US but since I brought it home, it has been giving…

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    chocolate pavé recipe

    Sometimes, I enjoy the challenge of making large, towering, gravity defying cakes. At other times, I enjoy using interesting ingredients to making sophisticated cakes with delicate flavors. Not to forget, there are…

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    devil’s food cake

    I crave chocolate…a lot. Many people tend to stay away from chocolate desserts at restaurants. As for me, I’ll choose a chocolate dessert 9 out of 10 times for the simple fact…