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Note: this post is not a sponsored advertorial. This website was introduced to me by a friend and I paid full price for the kit.

I came to know of this website from my brother’s close friend, Sheila. When the family was over in Bloomington for my brother’s wedding, we visited Sheila’s house one day and she was showing us an article she read on, a website that creates paint by number kits based on photos that you submit. Here’s the original photo I submitted…


Coincidentally, it was about a month before christmas and I thought that this would be the perfect christmas present for my brother and his wife, Michelle.

I chose the 12 x 12″ Classic Kit, color palette, the detailed pattern style and a gallery frame. I had also chosen international shipping back to my home in Singapore so that I would have enough time to get it painted by Christmas. The kit was well packaged in a large box with everything intact. The picture came mounted on a piece of foam board with all the little numbers printed on it. At first sight, it definitely looked extremely daunting as it looks so detailed. The paint comes in these small containers (you can see it on their website) and although it looks really small, I didn’t finish more than half of what was provided.

easy123 paint by number_1

The kit also comes with two brushes. The brushes weren’t of very good quality and were too thick for the detailed kit I had ordered. They did, however, suggest that you can trim the brushes. I had some really fine brushes on hand and decided to use my own instead.

easy123 paint by number_2

It was quite daunting at first, looking at the tiny numbers but as you got down to it, it is relatively easy, just extremely time consuming. Jon and I took about 20 hours, combined, and a lot of shoulder and neck ache to finish this piece and gosh, it definitely was rewarding. The site actually provides lots of options for you to choose a simple pattern style which I’m sure would simplify things a lot more but on the overall, we thought that this kit was a pretty¬†brilliant, helping ordinary-people-that-are-not-artists feel like one :P


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