lemon meringue tart

Just like last year’s, deciding this year’s birthday cake for my mom was such a tough decision. I spent two weeks thinking about what cake I should bake, consulted all the members of my family but my mom, flipped through all the recipe books on my bookshelf and scoured the internet. But yet, for the longest time, I couldn’t think of what to bake. It wasn’t that I didn’t see great recipes or mouth-watering photos but…I just didn’t feel I found the right recipe.

It wasn’t until I realized that I had some lemon cream sitting in the fridge did it dawn on me…why not make a lemon meringue tart! Turns out, it was such a perfect birthday “cake” and it absolutely made my day when my mom saw the tart and said, “this is my kind of birthday cake!” yay! :D

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paint by number kits from

Note: this post is not a sponsored advertorial. This website was introduced to me by a friend and I paid full price for the kit.

I came to know of this website from my brother’s close friend, Sheila. When the family was over in Bloomington for my brother’s wedding, we visited Sheila’s house one day and she was showing us an article she read on, a website that creates paint by number kits based on photos that you submit. Here’s the original photo I submitted…

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diy string art wedding table numbers

I must have said this about a million times by now but, I can’t believe that the wedding is in 5 months! I was so used to telling others, “the wedding is in June next year. We still have lots of time to plan…” Well, not so much now. Jon and I have quite grand plans to diy a number of our wedding details and here’s one of our projects!

This is probably one of the first ideas I had, maybe even before we secured a venue :P But now that we have secured a venue (of course) I am even happier that I did this for the wedding table numbers. It fits in so nicely with our rustic theme!

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DIY, Recipes

diy molten chocolate cake kit + recipe

Today, I’ll be sharing a simple molten chocolate cake kit that I recently created as gifts to friends who…love molten chocolate cake but wouldn’t really bake one from scratch.

Molten chocolate cakes is my go-to dessert for parties, especially when I don’t have time to prepare in advance. It is simple, takes no more than 15 minutes to whip up, uses simple ingredients that I usually already have on hand and once you get the hang of the timing, it is essentially dummy proof.

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diy rustic photo frame

diy photo frame 3

(by the way, the beautiful “live laugh love” postcard is by Katrina Alana. I attended one of her calligraphy workshops and got that postcard. It’s so pretty :D )

Quite a while ago, I shared about a diy polaroid frame. I would say without a doubt that I love this polaroid frame the same as the day I made it. It now sits permanently on top of my bed and it does add a really nice rustic touch to my room :) Today’s tutorial uses a really similar concept, except using the wooden frame to make a rustic photo frame instead. I really do like this photo frame (much more than the store bought ones) because it looks so simple and natural. I especially like how you can change the wall art so easily using mini pegs, without having to ruin your nails lifting up those nasty metal stuff on most store-bought photo frames.

diy photo frame 2

These photo frames are highly customizable and you can decide if you want to paint the frames (I decided not to, to maintain its raw feel) or if you want to thread more wires through for wall art of different sizes. For the frame above, I had intended to put up wall art of about letter size and postcard size. The horizontal wires allow me to hang the letter size wall art while the vertical wires allow me to hang the letter size wall art. If you look at the pictures, the first picture above is how the frame will look when displaying a much smaller wall art as compared to its  frame, which I personally really like because it draws all the attention to a small design which would otherwise have been lost in a teeny frame.

The picture below is a similar frame but with just the horizontal wires for larger-sized wall art if you only intend to hang wall art of that size in the future. Also, do not hesitate to add wires to already-made frames. I did that to the frame in the picture below to add vertical wires for the smaller wall art, as pictured above.

diy photo frame 1

Wooden square dowels
Sand paper
staple gun/ wood glue (optional)
Acrylic paint (optional)
22 gauge wire
mini pegs


  1. Cut the wooden dowels to size. As a reference, I used 2 x 35cm and 2 x 43 cm wooden dowels.
  2. Line the wooden dowels to the shape of the frame for visualization. Using a sample piece of wall art, place it in the middle of the frame (I used more judgment for this but you could also measure it if you wanted). On all four sides of the frame, use a pencil to mark the 4 points you should drill. As a guide, leaving half an inch to the edges of the wall art is good.
  3. If you would like your frame to hold wall art of more than one size, drill additional holes, but this time, envision your wires to be vertical.
  4. Using a drill with a small bit, drill through the holes and sand down any splinters.
  5. Glue the 4 sides of the wooden dowels together (wood glue is preferred because it holds stronger and is neater) or if using a staple gun, working with 2 dowels at a time, staple them together.
  6. Paint frame if desired.
  7. Measure roughly from one hole to the other and cut the wire. Thread one end through, bend it to the other side and use a staple gun to secure it to the back of the frame. Thread the other end of the wire through the other hole and pulling it as hard as possible (or use pliers if you feel that the wire is painful to your hands), pull it so that the wire feels taut. Bend it to the back and secure it to the frame with a staple gun. (for more detailed instructions, see this tutorial) Do the same for the rest of the holes.
  8. Using small pegs, hang your wall art up and you’re done!