orange, strawberry and mint – fruit infused water

Happy thanksgiving!!

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We don’t usually celebrate thanksgiving when we’re back in Singapore but my whole family is currently in the US for my brother’s wedding. Jon and I were given the important task of being in charge of the thanksgiving dinner for a whopping twenty-five people! For dinner, my sister made a white wine sangria – but for non-alcohol drinkers like me, preparing a non-alcoholic drink is a must for every party.

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My go-to non-alcoholic drink is fruit infused water. I have tried a number of combinations and my absolute favorite is orange, strawberry and mint. I combined all the ingredients in the morning, left it outside in the cold (it even snowed) all day and brought it in just before dinner and the drink was cold all the way to the end. It’s so awesome to have a free freezer outside :P

I love fruit infused water for so many reasons. It is refreshing, a great palate cleanser, healthy, natural, organic (if you want it to be) and beautiful all at the same time. And what made it even more beautiful was my brother’s drink dispenser.

I don’t usually follow a particular proportion when making this and I usually rely on my tastebuds to guide the taste. But, just in case you’re wondering, here’s approximately what I did to fill a 2.5 gallon drink dispenser:

3/4 oz fresh mint (i.e. one package you would usually get from the grocery store)
8 oranges
1lb fresh strawberries

1. Fill your drink dispenser to about three-quarters full.
2. Wash the fresh mint thoroughly, bruise the leaves by roughly tearing the leaves but leaving them on their stalks. Add it to the water.
3. Wash the oranges thoroughly and slice off the ends of the oranges. Slice all the oranges and holding a few slices at a time, hold the oranges over the drink dispenser and squeeze. Drop the squeezed orange slices into the drink dispenser
4. Wash the strawberries thoroughly and remove all leaves from the strawberries. Slice them in halves and drop them into the drink dispenser (do not squeeze the strawberries)
5. Using a large spoon, stir everything up and leave to stand for a couple of hours before serving, ensuring that its cold. It helps to fill the dispenser and leave it in the fridge overnight but only add the fruits and mint on the day itself.



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