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This post reflects my true opinion. It is not an advertorial. 

This topic is so unrelated to my blog but it’s too good not to share.

Do you have a love-hate relationship with your makeup remover? Because I do.

I love my makeup remover because it removes my makeup. But that’s about it. I hate it for so many other reasons. It’s hard to bring for travels and has leaked multiple times. It makes my face oily, which means that I only remove my makeup at the end of the day in the shower and if I decide to exercise or take a nap mid-day, well, I do it with my makeup on. And if I have to remove my makeup mid day, it means that I mess up the sink and clothes I’m wearing because I seem to have never mastered my “hand-cup”.

I’m so blessed I still have okay to good skin because with how long I leave my makeup on everyday and with all that exercise with makeup on, I seriously don’t deserve it.

I first read about the makeup eraser from a friend’s (from the U.S.) Facebook post and decided to check it out. The idea of being able to remove makeup with just a piece of cloth and water was just absolutely MINDBLOWING.

I couldn’t stop researching about it once I understood its purpose because…it wasn’t just about how much money I would save from all that makeup cleanser I would be buying but…it was the fact that I could now easily remove my makeup before I exercise without messing the whole toilet, I could now easily remove makeup as soon as I came home, I could now bring my “makeup remover” with me without having to worry that an oily accident would happen in my bag, and my “makeup remover” would never ever run out.

I was skeptical at first and googled about it. There are tons of videos of people who have done reviews of this and it is crazy!! It actually does work! And it does work because I tried it! The first time I used it, I couldn’t believe my eyes! The best part is, when you’re ready to wash the towel, just throw it in the laundry with all your other clothes and it is completely clean when it’s done. I even wash it with Jon’s super-white work clothes and never had an issue with my makeup staining other clothes. Really, it’s that amazing!

The only downside? You must have a washing machine as it doesn’t wash completely by hand. Depending on how much makeup you wear, you might have to wash it every 3-5 days as the towel is not that large (although I find it’s size handy).

The makeup eraser is readily available in the U.S. on Amazon. For those of you in Singapore, it is not as readily available in Singapore and some websites sell it for crazy expensive but you can get it from Herbal Pharm for $30 – that’s where I got mine!

If you’re still not convinced after reading this post, please youtube “makeup eraser” and if you’re still not convinced, we need to chat, pronto!

2 thoughts on “the makeup eraser

  1. I’m really surprised that the eraser has be be washed by machine! I’d suspect that hand wash is more throughout and won’t… cross contaminate cause a lot of prople won’t even wash their socks with their regular clothes

    1. from my experience, it’s much harder to hand wash mainly because of the waterproof makeup on the cloth and after hand washing, the cloth is somehow not as smooth. Using the washing machine is really simple and that’s what the manufacturers recommend too. I’ve done so multiple times and never had a problem with cross contamination (in terms of color), nor having the cloth not clean thoroughly. hope you decide to give it a try because it really did change my life! :)

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