lemon meringue tart

Just like last year’s, deciding this year’s birthday cake for my mom was such a tough decision. I spent two weeks thinking about what cake I should bake, consulted all the members of my family but my mom, flipped through all the recipe books on my bookshelf and scoured the internet. But yet, for the longest time, I couldn’t think of what to bake. It wasn’t that I didn’t see great recipes or mouth-watering photos but…I just didn’t feel I found the right recipe.

It wasn’t until I realized that I had some lemon cream sitting in the fridge did it dawn on me…why not make a lemon meringue tart! Turns out, it was such a perfect birthday “cake” and it absolutely made my day when my mom saw the tart and said, “this is my kind of birthday cake!” yay! :D

lemon meringue tart 1

Speaking about lemon meringue tarts, I’ve always made the one-serving ones, about 4-inches in diameter and have exclusively used pierre herme’s lemon tart recipe simply because…it’s the best. Problem is, I only decided what I wanted to make the day night before my mom’s birthday and pierre herme’s tart dough recipe, requires almonds and two days, both of which I didn’t have.

lemon meringue tart 3

Well, thank god for the internet, thank god for David Lebovitz, and most importantly, thank god for the french tart dough recipe on David Lebovitz’s blog because the french tart dough recipe he posted on his blog was exactly what I was looking for. You wouldn’t imagine how easy this six-ingredient recipe is. And i mean it. It’s literally…put raw ingredients but flour in an oven-safe bowl, pop it in the oven, when it’s melted and browned at the sides, remove it from the oven, pour the flour in, stir, and in about 15 seconds, you have tart dough right in front of your eyes. Plop it onto your tart mold and spread.

I was in awe, shock and in complete disbelief. Yes, I’m not kidding. And after tasting the lemon meringue tart with this new tart dough, it will definitely be my go-to tart dough. Not that Pierre Herme’s is any bad (it is not. in fact, it is divine) but this was so easy to make and so delicious too.

lemon meringue tart 2

But above all, my absolute favourite part about making a lemon meringue tart is blow-torching the meringues. There’s just something addictive about experiencing the intense whooshing from the blowtorch, the unpredictable crackling sounds, and seeing the meringues plump up instantly. Some might say that I blow torch it a bit too much but that’s just how I like it! I love all the different gradients – the white, the light-browns, the dark-browns and the almost black. Staring at the finished product from the top (see first picture of this post) even makes you a little trippy :P

I’m so satisfied with this tart I think I’m gonna have a wonderful sleep tonight. I might even dream of blowtorching meringues :)

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