how do you organize your fonts? download available :)

I own a macbook pro and used the mac OS all through my university days. Then, I wanted my brother to install photoshop and because he only had a windows version of it, he installed windows on my macbook pro. Since I use photoshop so often now, I’ve decided to use windows 95% of the time. The mac OS has a nice way of ¬†organizing and viewing fonts, using the Font Book. Unfortunately, windows doesn’t have such a feature and I often struggle to find the right font. Having to scroll through the list of fonts in Microsoft Office is a real chore. Especially for dingbats – unless you trial an error, you never know what you’re gonna get.

I did some preliminary research to see how other people organize their fonts and found that there are some programs available online which you can buy. But, none of the programs really appealed to me. Then, a thought came to me and I realized that you can actually use Microsoft Excel to organize fonts! I have created one for myself:


I think that its a really good idea as Microsoft Excel is really quite versatile. It also does not require a lot of knowledge to know how to do simple stuff like delete rows, change font, etc. Yet, it provides a overview on all your fonts which has helped me immensely when I’m deciding over a list of fonts. You can also take it one step further and classify the fonts by adding additional rows with titles. The only downside to this would be having the discipline to update the file.

For those of you interested in doing something similar but don’t want the hassle of creating one from scratch, I’ve created one for you! Download: Fontbook_fudgeyjoy

Points to note:
1. Column A is the font name. I find it easy to just quickly type out the name of the font for easy reference later.

2. Row 2 is a list of all the alphabets, numbers and symbols available on the keyboard. Not all fonts have all of these. If you notice blanks, its most likely that the font doesn’t support that particular symbol – especially true for dingbats.

3. To help you get started, I’ve populated 2 rows of fonts which your computer should already have. Its just for illustration – I usually only include in my fontbook fonts that I’ve downloaded but its up to you!

4. You’ll notice that I’ve populated the alphabets, symbols etc for 200 rows. This is just for your convenience. To enter a new font, I would usually just select all the alphabets, symbols, etc, and change the font directly. (Shortcut: click on “A” so the cell is selected and type Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow to select all the way to the right)

5. If you had just installed your font while the fontbook is open, your font might not appear in the list. You’ll have to close and open Microsoft Excel again.


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  • Reply miche.eng. September 15, 2013 at 1:30 am

    you can use the filter option to organise it or search or create more categories! great idea! I have so many fonts that i love to use, but end up spending so much time browsing it’s such a headache!

    • Reply Joanne Pan September 20, 2013 at 8:48 am

      i feel you :) But yes! Excel is amazing when it comes to filtering – great idea!

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