Ragmuffin x Persian
Born July 22nd 2015
Born and raised in Singapore and now, Seattle





We got June as a companion for Joy. After Jon and I moved to live on our own, we noticed that Joy was getting lonely and quite overweight. Since we were concerned about Joy’s long-term health, we thought a companion would do her some good.











We found her from a local breeder in Singapore that we trusted and named her after the month Jon and I got married. (right picture – that was when we first put a collar on June. She went crazy!!)











June was such an adorable little kitten. I still vividly recall her first day home. She was so persistent in wanting Joy to be her friend and it was so cute to see June try and play with Joy! She was and still is an adorable bundle of fur.









She took a while to assimilate to Jojo but today they are best friends! Jojo frequently looks for her and she does the most adorable side rub on Jojo’s legs <3




Ten facts about June:



1. She has the most distinctive meow. Most cats just have one tone to their meows which usually sounds something like “maaaoooo”. June has this really cute two tone meow that goes something like “moooww-wooow”.

2. June is a very talkative cat. She has conversations with me pretty often where we meow at each other and she loves to announce her presence out of the blue.




3. We all thought June was going to become a huge cat because her parents were huge and she had these gigantic paws as a kitten. Somehow, she never grew into them so she still has really short legs and gigantic paws. So cute!

4. Whenever June looks at people, she stares right in their eyes and does this really slow blink which is really heartwarming! It’s their way of conveying trust.







5. June loves to sleep belly up. At least once a day, she walks to the middle of the room and just randomly plops on the floor belly up. It’s pretty hilarious.

6. June is very curious but extremely terrified of the outdoors. When I open the main door, she sometimes runs outside but at the sight of all the activity happening in the real world, she freezes and then cowers back into the house. Once, I leashed her and brought her further out to explore and she immediately just ran home.




7. June loves licking random things. I bet she’s licked every single thing in the house at least once. I read that it could be a sign of distress though…she is a pretty anxious cat.

8. Very rarely does June walk up and down the stairs – she usually runs up and down super fast. She is actually very athletic.










9. June loves to sit right on top of our work chairs. It’s usually right at where our head is when we sit on the chair. Sometimes she’d be on there by herself at night and she’s scared the living crap out of me so many times seeing two eyes staring back at me at human height. (right picture – when she discovered she had legs!!) 












10. June loves drinking water from our cups and putting her paws in them. That’s why we go through so many cups a day…we never know what she’s done so we always just grab a new glass.