Domestic long-haired Calico
Born October 7th 2010 (estimated)
Born and raised in Seattle






During our college days, Jon and I adopted Joy from the PAWS Cat City shelter in Seattle, Washington. Her name in the shelter was Patches but we thought it’d be more fitting to have her name start with “J” like the rest of her new family.





We always say it was fate that brought us to Joy – after toying with the idea of getting a pet, we decided to visit the shelter one morning and see what they had available. There were only two kittens (Joy and her brother) for adoption and while she was not as hyper as her brother, she exhibited this sense of calmness and confidence around her which defines her personality till today. When we were signing her adoption papers, two other couples came in looking for kittens and had I slept in a while longer, we wouldn’t have Joy today.

And yes, Joy has a goatee!

Ten facts about Joy:

1. The first night we brought Joy home, we decided that it would be best if she stayed in the bathroom (we cat-proofed the bathroom) to teach her some independence. When we woke up the next morning, it was an absolute disaster zone – there was poop on the walls, litter everywhere and toilet paper all over the floor. As we stood at the door in horror, she let out a cute meow and of course we forgave her instantly.

2. Once, I brought Joy to Starbucks. At that time, she was a kitten, and would routinely let out terrible farts!! Just as I approached the counter to order my frappucino, Joy decided to let out a fart. *faint* Jon and I were so embarrassed. We soon found out its because she had worms in her stomach, typical for cats who came from shelters.





3. When she was living in Singapore, she used to live in the same household as my sister’s Golden Retriever, Toffee. She was evidently smarter than the dog and would tease him all the time. Knowing that he wasn’t allowed upstairs and that he loved to chase her, she would run downstairs, tease Toffee to come and chase her then run a few steps upstairs before turning around to watch him whine and bark because he didn’t manage to get to her.





4. Joy would let you pick her up and carry her! Since Joy is my first cat, I always thought it was normal until other cat lovers told me that it is absolutely crazy for cats to allow that.

5. Joy has traveled across the Pacific Ocean twice – once from Seattle to Singapore in 2012 and from Singapore back to Seattle in 2016.

6. Joy LOVESSSSS seaweed. We found out when she kept running to Jon whenever he opened a seaweed packet. She recognizes the sound of the seaweed packet so well that we now rustle a seaweed packet when we can’t find her.






7. Once, I was lying on the bed with Joy on me. I started to sneeze multiple times (a trademark of mine) and as soon as I was done, Joy used her paws to tap my nose. How cute!







8. When June was a kitten, Joy was actually a pretty good mom. Much to June’s disdain, Joy would try to lick her ears and her coat to keep it clean.

9. Joy helped many people who had a phobia of cats overcome their fear. She is also very good with children!





10. Joy actually went through a few surgical procedures when she was a kitten. In addition to being spayed before we adopted her, she also had to go through two Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO) surgeries. We were told that because she probably lived in poor living conditions before being put in a shelter and therefore did not have sufficient development in her bones, the sockets in her pelvis were too shallow to hold the balls of her limbs. Joy recovered well and was pretty happy after her first surgery, but by the time she had to have the second one done, she was pretty angry and had that been-there-done-that attitude. (Left picture – on the bright side, here’s a hilarious GIF of Joy trying to open the door. I think she was a little spooked!)