diy string art wedding table numbers

I must have said this about a million times by now but, I can’t believe that the wedding is in 5 months! I was so used to telling others, “the wedding is in June next year. We still have lots of time to plan…” Well, not so much now. Jon and I have quite grand plans to diy a number of our wedding details and here’s one of our projects!

This is probably one of the first ideas I had, maybe even before we secured a venue :P But now that we have secured a venue (of course) I am even happier that I did this for the wedding table numbers. It fits in so nicely with our rustic theme!

string art table numbers_3

We got a carpenter to prepare the pieces of wood for us and he basically glued pieces of plywood together. They are heavy but extremely sturdy. To cover the layers of plywood (they’re so ugly!), I covered the edges with painter’s tape and painted the edges with a coat of white acrylic paint and 2 coats of gold acrylic paint.

string art table numbers_2 I then measured the area of the wood blocks and used powerpoint to lay out the numbers. Here are the steps to do that:

  1.  Adjust the size of the powerpoint slide to correspond to the paper you’re using (i.e. A4 or letter size).
  2. Create a rectangle and remove the fill, but leaving an outline. Alter the size of the rectangle to be the exact size of the wooden block.
  3. Create another text box and type in one of the numbers (I used the Pacifico font for this one). Adjust the size of the font and ensure that the numbers are in the middle of the rectangle.
  4. Duplicate your slides and change the numbers so that you have 1 slide per number.
  5. PDF the file and print.

After which, you’ll only need to cut out the rectangles and use tape to stick it onto the wooden block, hammer in the nails and attach the string. For more advice on how to do string art, I’ve blogged about it previously here.

The only challenge I had completing this project was finding the right string. We needed the string to be relatively thick and be able to stand out from the wood. I tried all kinds of thread and many blogs online recommend embossing floss but I find that too expensive for the amount I needed. Jon and I walked around Art Friend and finally chanced upon a ball of regal 4 ply cotton by Patons and it was exactly what we needed! The string art looks like it’ll take a lot of time but once you get the hang of it, you’ll only need 10 minutes to complete one block :)

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