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diy molten chocolate cake kit + recipe

Today, I’ll be sharing a simple molten chocolate cake kit that I recently created as gifts to friends who…love molten chocolate cake but wouldn’t really bake one from scratch.

Molten chocolate cakes is my go-to dessert for parties, especially when I don’t have time to prepare in advance. It is simple, takes no more than 15 minutes to whip up, uses simple ingredients that I usually already have on hand and once you get the hang of the timing, it is essentially dummy proof.

molten chocolate cake kit 2

This recipe was recommended to me by a friend and for years, I have used the following recipe with a lot of success, and absolutely no intention of trying something else new. For the recipe, scroll all the way to the bottom!

molten chocolate cake batter

I was excited to create this kit as I knew that the recipients would be as excited as I was. Creating the kit was really quite simple and all it needed was a few supplies. You could include as few or as many items as you have budget for.  For the kit I created, I included a couple of ramekins, the batter in a jar, a wooden spoon and a simple instruction postcard I created. There are so many other items you could include, like silicone cupcake molds instead of ramekins (you would understand why after reading the recipe), 6-hole cupcake tin, a mini mixing bowl, an oven timer, toppings like cornflakes, chocolate rice or anything that would go well with ice cream. Or, if you’re going for something simple, just cupcake batter in a jar with a simple gift tag would also do the trick. Bottom line is, a homemade ready-made batter to a chocolate lover with an oven would definitely win their hearts :D

To print the instruction card, click here: for the love of molten chocolate cake_front; for the love of molten chocolate cake_back

Molten chocolate cake recipe
Adapted from

1 cup/ 227g unsalted butter at room temperature
227g bittersweet chocolate
5 large eggs at room temperature
1/2 cup sugar
pinch of salt
4 tsp flour

1. Melt butter and chocolate in a medium heatproof bowl over a pan of barely simmering water. For a quicker option, heat butter and chocolate in a microwave in 40 second intervals to prevent the chocolate from burning. Stir the mixture until chocolate is mostly melted. The heat of the mixture will melt the remaining chocolate.

2. In another bowl with a hand/stand mixer, beat eggs on medium, and add sugar and salt gradually. Never add sugar to egg yolks and allow it to stand, even for a few seconds as this will “cook” the egg yolks and make them lumpy. Beat until ingredients are just combined.

3. With the hand/ stand mixer beating on low, gradually pour in the chocolate and butter mixture and mix until all ingredients are incorporated.

4. Beat in the flour and you’ll notice the batter coming together very nicely, smooth and shiny. At this point, you can store the batter in an airtight container in the fridge for a week or to make the kit, store it in an airtight/ leak proof jar.

5. To cook, position your oven rack to the middle and preheat the oven to 230°C or 450°F. There are three different ways you could cook the cakes:

a. Silicon cupcake moulds (my favourite method): Lightly butter the silicon moulds and fill them three-quarter full. (To unmould, wear an oven mitt on your non-dominant hand and position one of the cakes on the palm of the oven mitt. Using your dominant hand, carefully place a plate over the cake and quickly, turn the plate and cake around together so that the plate eventually lands up on your dominant hand. Gently lift the silicon mould off the cake)

b. Cupcake liners (the second best method): Put cupcake liners into cupcake tins. Fill them three-quarter full. (To unmould, begin by pulling away the sides of the cupcake paper. Wearing an oven mitt on your non-dominant hand, position one of the cakes (with the paper on the sides pulled away) on the palm of the oven mitt. Using your dominant hand, carefully place a plate over the cake and quickly, turn the plate and cake around together so that the plate eventually lands up on your dominant hand. Gently lift pull away the cupcake liner from the cake)

c. Ramekins (the safest and easiest method): Fill the ramekins with batter three-quarter full.

6. Cook for 8 (if the batter is room temperature) to 10 minutes (if the batter just came out from the fridge). Here are some tell-tale signs that your cakes are done: (i) the sides are approximately 1cm higher than the middle (ii) the sides are cooked while the middle only jiggles very very slightly when shaked.

For method a and b above, allow the cakes to stand for a minute before unmoulding them as the cakes will continue to cook. Serve vanilla ice cream alongside unmoulded cakes. For method c above, the cakes are eaten directly from the ramekins like a souffle. Spoon vanilla ice cream on top of ramekin and serve on top of a plate. Be sure to warn your guests that the ramekins are hot.


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