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    Hokkaido milk bread

    I came across this recipe for hokkaido milk bread a while ago. I glanced by quickly, not paying much attention. Frankly, it was because I was intimidated by it. I didn’t know…

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    open-faced sandwiches

    Yesterday was my mom’s birthday and also the first time neither my elder sister nor elder brother was in Singapore to celebrate this special day. Nevertheless, the rest of us decided to…

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    lemon meringue tart

    Just like last year’s, deciding this year’s birthday cake for my mom was such a tough decision. I spent two weeks thinking about what cake I should bake, consulted all the members…

  • DIY, Recipes

    diy molten chocolate cake kit + recipe

    Today, I’ll be sharing a simple molten chocolate cake kit that I recently created as gifts to friends who…love molten chocolate cake but wouldn’t really bake one from scratch. Molten chocolate cakes…