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Whenever recipes called for blending, more often than not, I tend to flip the page over. I used to fear blending. All the attachments, chunky machines, lids that are so hard to close, hard to wash areas and blades that look like they could fly out any moment…yeah, you know what I mean. Not to mention, preparing hot soup that requires blending. In the interest of time, I have once poured hot soup into a blender hoping to blend everything, only to scald myself. Blenders can be dangerous!

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I feared blenders until my mom decided to get the bamix. It is really a breakthrough and I can’t imagine living without it! I now use the bamix to blend anything and like that it is really portable. It blends evenly and is able to blend nuts, for example, until it is really fine. It can even blend sugar to icing sugar. The design is unlike any other blender and features a stick design. More importantly, it is really easy to use and easy to clean.

The bamix is a life saver when it comes to baking. Depending on circumstances, I’ve faced situations where my batter seems to be lumpy and no matter how much I stir, by hand or using the kitchenaid, it doesn’t seem to go away. In such cases, I always turn to the bamix, put on the blade and stick it into the kitchenaid bowl and blend everything up. The batter will turn out smooth after that :)

My household uses the bamix for two main uses:

1. Making chilli and grinding nuts: Being asian, we eat a lot of chilli. We have different types of chilli to go with different types of food and since my family as a whole likes making food, we make our own chilli too. The only problem with chilli, is that it gives off a very strong smell and will easily cling onto plastic. Hence, even after you spend a long time trying to scrape everything off, the chilli smell will still be there. This is terrible for most blenders as the canister is typically the main part of the blender. However, the bamix has an attachment called the processor (see next picture). It is a container with a blade inside and when you stick the bamix on the top of the cover, it’ll power the processor and blend whatever is in the processor. We have 2 processors at home – one dedicated for blending chilli and one dedicated for all my baking needs, such as grinding nuts.


2. Making soups: Because of the bamix’s stick design, it will blend without having to pour the soup into the blender’s canister like how the normal blenders work. This is really convenient as you can blend in the pot that you’re cooking the soup in. The blade is small (see next picture) but powerful and will not scratch the pot. In cases where I am blending liquid, I’ll always use this method as it is much more convenient.


The bamix, in my opinion, debunks all my fears and solves all my troubles when it comes to blending. I LOVE IT!

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